Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm baaaaaack!

Some pictures from my convention. Here are some really strange lights over the bar, up all the way to the roof.... what they are supposed to be.... no one knows for you....but I think they are mushrooms.... or at least the guy who designed them was smoking magic mushroom!!!!

The pool was closed most of Friday, cause MD got a HUGE rain storm the day before, and the pool was filled with leaves and mulch from the rain water.... but they had it cleaned and up and running by Saturday

I was totally ecstatic to find they had Lox in their breakfast buffet!!!! I LOVE LOX!!!! and believe me when I say I ate my fair share, and then some, of the wonderful treat! That's capers on top of it.

We had a room with a patio, and called down to ask for some chairs so we could sit out... why they brought these dinning room chairs I'll never know!!!!!! Most of the time they use white plastic one's, but these did good enough, even though they were gaudy as hell!!!!

The view out of our patio doors.... yeah boring! Pine needles and a tennis court that no one ever used.

Mike, being a pain about getting his picture taken

and last but not least, me in my red star trek dress!
I put it on, and did up my hair in the 60's hairstyle at 9am Saturday morning.... to go to a meeting, and couldn't get out of it all day!!!!! So many freaking people taking my picture!!!!! Every time I moved 3 feet, people were asking me if they could take a picture. Lordy!!!!! It's a freaking costume!!! I didn't think it was that great, but they seemed to love it!

But after 12 hours in those high heeled boots ..... I was ready to DIE!!!! The hotel is spread out, so I walked, and walked and walked, and walked!!!!!

I had my picture taken by a zillion people, posing with brothers, sisters, Klingon's, and so on. And they are probably posting it to face book saying..... "you should have seen this fat chick in a star trek outfit!!!!!" I can only hope they will be kind. GIGGLE

But all in all I had a fab time with Mike, Cher, Linda and a bunch of other friends.... and girls!!!! Let me tell you.... I GOT HIT ON CONSTANTLY!!!! Guys just love a mini skirt!!!! LOL

Now I will spend the next few days trying to walk off the stiffness and pain in my legs and feet, and the rest of the time trying to get my voice back.... Yes, my voice is almost gone... My loving son Say's I sound like a Zombie... and actually pleaded with me not to talk to him anymore!!!!

How rude!!!! But I do sound funny as shit!!!!


Leeanna said...

Glad you had a great time girlfriend. Did you get any goodies while you were there?