Friday, July 01, 2011

New Book..... Evil Book!

I picked up this cool book at BJ's this morning!!!! Not only does it tell you about every poisonous plant on earth, but has pictures, and the history and side effects of each one!

I couldn't put it down!!! Maybe it's the witch in me, or maybe the Bitch in me, but I found it wonderfully entertaining and informative!

I'm really not sure they should sell this type of book where crazy teens or ex wives can find it, but I think it's cool!!!


The Traveler said...

Oh I have to hunt that down. I'm constantly worried that the boys will put poisonous plant in their mouths. They love to do "kids wildcrafting", and I don't know what most of the dangerous plants look like.

Leeanna said...

Coolness, I found it on for $12. But I can get it for less second hand there too. Amy also has Wicked Bugs which I'm thinking of getting.

Diandra said...

It's on my amazon wish list... and I think they made a second one, about bugs. Cool, hu?