Friday, July 29, 2011

Making a list of Fall and winter projects!

I love my new bedspread, but I'm getting tired of my old head board. Thinking something new my be needed!

I'm also thinking of getting rid of the "top" of the china cabinet! I don't know why, but the clutter is driving me nutso! And re-staining the bottom a darker color.... Like cherry??? Same goes for re staining the dinning room table and chairs the same color!

This T.V. stand has gotta go!!!! It's old as the hills, but to replace it I want to get a new flat screen TV, and then just have it on a simple elegant table! Instead of this huge monstrosity!!!

Also thinking about removing the pictures and shelves in between the book shelves, and just adding more book shelves to fill the wall!

And last but not least. the kitchen. I removed the top cabinets over the breakfast bar a few years ago, and love the openness. But I'm thinking of maybe doing the breakfast bar in some kind of "foe" stone, and then painting the kitchen cabinets!

Also want to get rid of all the oak trim and doors in the house!!!! I'm soooooo sick of OAK!!!

Any suggestions?????


The Frog Queen said..., I would just say take it one room at a time...that is a lot of work. I do love the look of cherry - my kitchen is cheery, you will love it.


Diandra said...

Wow, you've got quite a bucket of plans!