Monday, September 17, 2012

Mabon Blessing

Equal hours of light and darkness

we celebrate the balance of Mabon,
and ask the gods to bless us.
For all that is bad, there is good.
For that which is despair, there is hope.
For the moments of pain, there are moments of love.
For all that falls, there is the chance to rise again.
May we find balance in our lives
as we find it in our hearts.


The Lord has gone to sleep
while Maiden's weep.
The edge of death
conceals the ivory bones
of Winter from our sight,
as equal day and equal night
gives way to the dark.
The silence is our hearts
proclaims the end of Summer
and the passing of the light.
The sorrowful Maiden's weep,
for Winter keeps
all things to Herself.
The dormant God gestates
within the womb of fate,
and dreams He is the coming of the light.