Sunday, September 23, 2012

OK, so sometimes..........

I hate black pants that fade from too much washing..... but I hate buying new one.... cause they never fit right.... so I had an idea!!!

I bought some Ritz dye and decided to revive my black stuff!!!! Not a bad idea...

but I hate the smell of the dye.... so, I, in my greater brain moment said..... why don't I do this outside on the B-B-Q???  No smell in the house, and I can play with my plants while the black slacks are boiling away in the dye!

Sounds good to me, right?

So I'm out side... huge pot on the grill, Black dye in it, dropping black slacks into the pot...... and I think to myself.... OMG I look like an evil witch stirring her cauldron!!!!!!!

At that point I start laughing like an idiot at myself... doing a little "dumb dumb" dance...... and the mailman pulls up!!!

You get the picture.  I have no idea why he pulled up in front of my house, but he didn't stay long.... took off like a SHOT!    DURRRRRRRRRRRRR! GIGGLE