Monday, September 24, 2012

Stupid hot air heat!!!

No, this is not a Halloween cat..... this is static electricity!

The worse part of winter in my house. 

Hot air heat cause's it. 

I spend the winter shocking the cat, fridge, stove, lamps, and even MYSELF!!!

I've tried everything!  Dehumidifier, humidifiers.... nothing works............ So I've learned to ENJOY IT!

It's fun sneaking up on people and giving them a shock...........

and ohhhhhhhhh, so pretty if you do it in the dark.... the sparks are pretty and blue!!!

I don't mind at first, but by January I'm sick of it.  I think I'm going to wear rubber gloves all winter this year!!!


Leeanna Henderson said...

poor baby looks like it just escaped from the dryer after a good tumble dry.

Iesadora said...

That poor thing! I don't know if this will work in a household but I know to kill static electricity in your car spray the seats and arm rest with diluted fabric softener. Might be worth a try, or maybe wipe couches and carpets with dryer sheets - at the very least your place will smell good =D