Saturday, December 08, 2012

Emergency soup

I'm making what I call my "Emergency soup". 

What that means is that I have no canned soup in the house, and I don't have the time or MONEY to go out and buy fresh ingredients.......... but I really need some warm, comforting soup!

My hubby HATED canned veggies, but I love them, and always keep a good supply around the house, just for times like this when I need soup in a hurry.

What I do is raid the canned pantry.  First .... stewed tomatoes  (these I usualy put in the blender and blend them up, but sometimes I just pop then in a sausepan the way it comes from a can) this time I blended the can first.

I always keep a lot of stewed tomatoes around the house, great for chili, and of course as a base for soup. And the great thing about them is it already has onions, peppers, garlic, etc.. mixed in the can!

Then I added a can of carrots, and one of string beans, and a small can of mushrooms

(sometimes I add regular kidney beans or butter beans, or Lima beans.... well, you get the drift)

Add them to a pot, after, draining them... and add the stewed tomates... and a nice big can of water.

Then I check for fresh stocked  ingredients.... Onions, lots of onions.. celery (if I have it)

and for those NOT allergic... add a ton of potatoes! Of course, no potatoes for me!  :) Don't need to swell up, just to get warm.

Let it all cook for a while, then add salt, pepper, chili powder, and a few flakes of red pepper.

And done!

Hot, good, super cheap... and it will warm you bones!


Anonymous said...

Great idea, thanks!