Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mmmmmm Fire Pit!

See how easy!!!!  Now you don't have to use the fancy bricks in the picture.

You can use just regular or recycled bricks too.  Or stone, if you like...... Look around your yard and see what you have available to use.

But don't forget the first step!!!!  You need to remove all the grass, and roots that my be there, before you put down the sand.

Just use play sand that you can get at the hardware store for the bottom. They have bags of play sand in the summer, it's pretty cheap too and makes a nice area to burn wood on.

Make it higher or lower, just how you like it. (dog is just an accessory, and not part of the plan for building your fire pit! LOL)

If you want to be able to cook on it, check out your local hardware store, BEFORE, you build ...... check for replacement grill racks for bar-b-q's. 

I know most stores have them... and just build you fire pit to hold  the rack you pick....

and it's so easy to make it removable!!!! 

Just place some nice thick nails, facing in to the pit, between the rocks  in your last row!!!!!

You can rest the rack on them, and bingo, hamburgers! That way  the rack can be removed for just a regular fires!