Sunday, December 02, 2012

Yes or No!

Yes and No Answer Spell

You Need;
Paper about 3 inch square

White Candle
Flat Dish (doing this over the sink is even better!)

Take the piece of paper and write your question on it.
 If you wish add a Pentagram to the back for extra power.

  light the Candle.

Relax and look deep into the Candles flame while thinking of the question you have.

Try to see the question and the answer of your desire.

Quietly say;

Here me Flame as I ask,
What's the answer to this task.

Now ask your question and as you do touch the corner of the paper to the flame and quickly put the burning paper in the sink

If the paper burns to complete ash, your answer is, YES.

If the paper burns and leaves more than half, your answer is, PROBABLY.

If the paper burns to less than half, your answer is, NO.

If the Paper does not burn, It’s a WARNING, to be careful of whatever you’re asking.