Monday, December 17, 2012

Yule Spell

This simple Yule spell celebrates the return of the sun and summons energy to support your hopes and plans for the year to come.
  1. Light many candles, preferably green and gold, or if you do not have them available use simple white candles, on your Alter. Gold candles represent the returning sun, while green candles represent fertility and abundance.
  2. Light some yule insence, containing your choice of cloves, frankincense, dried juniper berries and crushed pine needles.
  3. Quiet your mind with meditation by concentrating on the in-breath and out-breath for a few minutes, while breathing naturally.
  4. Hold your chalice containing wine, or herbal tea including the solstice herb thyme. 
  5.  Visualize energy passing from your hands into the contents of the chalice.
  6. Begin to visualize your hopes and visions for the coming year clearly in your mind’s eye. This visualization should be a real as possible. For many people images are easiest, while others may use emotions, sounds, smells or actions to help the desired outcome to become as real as possible. Imagine it all happening now, at the present time.
  7. Using natural and sincere language, express what you hope will happen, either out loud, or slowly but clearly in your mind only.
  8. Drink from your chalice, the energy of your visualization work will be concentrated in it and will begin the process of manifestation that will help to realize your dreams.
  9. Spend a few further moments in mediation, then extinguish the incense, and then the candles.


AlphaBetsy said...

Lovely ritual! I may have to give it a go.


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