Saturday, December 15, 2012

Patio planting

Think you can't grow things because you have just a patio or deck?

 How about potato's or sweet potato's? Yep you can, and this is how.

Buy some chicken wire at you local hardware store,  and curve it into a the above shape.

Get a bale of hay and add it all around the outside, like those planters you see at the store that use moss, and you can use that too, or just put a large plastic bag inside the wire.... one of those huge ones for leaves.

Then fill with potting soil.  Easy peesy.  If you use the black plastic, poke some holes along each side with a pen or chopstick.

Now go out and buy potatoes..... you don't need the garden center ones, all you need is a bag from the grocery store... they will grow just as good as the fancy ones you buy at the garden center.  The older he better, you want they to have sprouts coming out of them.... if no sprouts, wait till they start sprouting before you plant them.

Place the potatoes so that they are partially on top of the soil.  Make sure the sprouts are down.  Potatoes grow on the roots of  the plant.... so one potato will give you a dozen or more!!! (this picture shows them just around the edges of the planter, but make sure you fill the whole top for more potatoes!!!

Water well, and wait,  you will get some beautiful green growth and leaves.

 In September, just dig around and collect your bounty.  

You can actually start digging around by July if you plant them in May or June, they won't be big, but still very usable!