Wednesday, October 18, 2006

He led her By the collar, he led her by her hair.
And she responded …love you dear,
And he responded ….bitch I’m here.
And late at night, after passion was done
Home he went, for he was a solitary one

But, she laid there, deep within the night,
Alone and confused, which was her right.
For she served him with no thought of herself.
And gloried in her pain,

But with the first light dawning
He left her in distain.
To live her life, by herself,
Till darkness brought him back again.

Her pretty lips would tremble
Her sea blue eyes would tear
But he wasn’t around to see it
To comfort her, and her fears

And soon she turned to another
One who used her as his dear,
Spanked and abused her, pulled her long blond hair.
But at the daylight dawning, next to her he lay

And stroked her cool pale body,
And loved her fears away
For when you serve another, No matter how you love,
A slave is just a slave at dawn, Unless she’s blessed with love