Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've wanted one of these lamps for ever!!!! But being the "thrift mom" I couldn't force myself to buy one. I did see something like this on sale in JC Penny's for $99 dollars, the base was plastic, and the lamp had some kind of rose's on it. But when I finally forced myself to order them, the sale was off and they were over $200 dollars each!!!!! NO WAY!!!! I cancelled the order. LOL

Then I went to BJ's a few days ago, and saw this lamp. I nearly choked at the price. $59!!!!!! And it was real glass, with a metal base!!!!!! But I didn't buy it, no, not me, I'm an idiot

So I went back again today, and checked it out..... I was sure I had the price wrong, you know how the price tags work at BJ's, the item could be up or down from the price..... So when I went there was only one lamp, none in boxes. Just the one, really dusty one on the shelf.

I went up to ask about it, and it seems it was the only one left... No box, discontinued, AND ONLY $49 ON SALE!!!!!!!! Well the fates had spoken, so this time I made them get a wire clipper, (it was wired to the rack so no one could steal it! Like considering how heavy it is, who could have ran with it???) But never the less I GOT IT!!!!

For that price I would have been a total idiot to turn it down!!!!!!!! I wish I could have gotten 2 of them, but I'm happy having just one!~!!!!!