Friday, October 27, 2006

Being SPOOKED!!!!!

I swear, I've been as jumpy as a "drop of cold water on a hot skillet", to use an old saying. I have no idea why??!!!!

It's freaking me out!!!!!!. A few nights ago I went to go to bed, and saw that my curtain in the bedroom window was "mussed" Granted, I knew the window was open, and it WAS windy....But it still spooked me. I had to check the screen, and then check the closets, and the bathtub (shower curtains can hide all kinds of monsters, both human and the other kind!!!!) Finally I went to sleep, clutching a switchblade knife, just in case. SIGH PATHETIC.

Then just a few minutes ago, I was sitting watching TV when I felt a cold drop of water on my NECK!!!!!! I checked the ceiling.... Maybe a leak... Nope....Checked the window...Closed and locked. (now the hearts beating pretty hard!) checked my head.... And there's a wet spot. Now I'm afraid to look at my hand!!!! What if it's not water, but blood leaking from somewhere..... Not from me... Of course, but like from the ceiling. OK, SPOOKED AGAIN. Took me 5 minutes to remember I just chucked a bag in the garbage outside, and it's raining!!! DUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH

Just being spooked for some strange reason, and I don't know why. Usually I can figure out where my fear is coming from....But this time, I have no idea!!!!!

I'm not watching scary movies, or reading scary books..... So why????????

I'm going to take a benadryll and try to get some sleep. I hate being spooked! :(


Dreamers Night said...

I'm sure your not noticing the trend, but every year, on the week preluding Halloween, we both tend to feel a bit spooked...i didn't this year however, even after watching numberous horror movies...And YES some one IS watching you!

Dreamers Night said...

Late at night, the moon above..the leaves are dancing with your heart, the creapy creaping feeling slows as you approach that closet door...hold your breadth, don't close your eyes, or the creature within will give you a great big surprise. Shhh now don't say a word, just back away from that closet door. The monster feeds late at night..what ever your do..keep on your lights.