Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tasty Human Heart

Did you ever just want to reach in, and pull out someone heart and eat it!!!!! Aggggggghhhhhh I know it sounds gross, but yesterday I sat staring at this thin preppie boy toy, and thought about doing it!!!!

I need new glasses, it's been like 4 years since my last trip to the eye doctor, and I had noticed changes..... My eyesight actually seemed to be getting better!!!! (by the way, they did get better! Who knew!) Could that be???? Well, they say we get better with age, but I didn't expect it to mean our eyes! So off I went to pearl vision.

Got there at 9 am, eye exam took 15 minutes. The rest of the time 2 1/2 hours was spent ARGUING with that preppie JERK!!!

Now here's the thing. I wear bi-focals. The reading part of my glasses are not magnifying....It's almost regular glass with a tiny prescription. I can read just fine without glasses, but they do sharpen it a tad, and make reading (something I do almost constantly!) easier, and less eye strain.

But the problem is with the computer. When I work on the computer I have to keep my head tilted back to see out of the bottom of the glasses........ That means I constantly have a stiff neck, and face. The face part is because I lean on my face using my finger to lift the glasses, so that the reading part is at a level that I can see the computer.

YES I KNOW....GET A HIGHER CHAIR. But I DON'T WANT TOO!!! I really love my comphy soft chair, and it doesn't adjust, besides being a regular chair, and not one of those rolling, skinny computer chairs........

So my idea.... GET TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES. See the logic. One for driving, and one separate pair for reading...Instead of the pain in the ass bi-focals. Makes total sense doesn't it? A little inconvenient changing glasses, but to stop my neck and head aching....Well worth it!

But the preppie idiot didn't see it!!!!! Insisted on trying to talk me into these new bi-focals...... Progressive (now I've had progressive glasses, had to change them after 3 months when I kept getting sea sick from them, seems a lot of people cant adjust to them, and I'm one of them)

You see, I'm not a wimp. When I know what I want, I WANT IT! I'm not asking ANYONE'S opinion. This is what I want, now BUG OFF!!!! But he wouldn't bug off, keep typing my order....... Real slow......So he could keep taking.

But I managed to stay pleasant (amazing feat for me, let me tell you!) and kept to my guns, a GOT WHAT I WANTED!!!! But it took 2 1/2 hours!!!!!!! All this time I'm picturing putting my fist thru his chest and pulling out his still beating heart and EATING IT!!!

There is a point where being a good sales rep is STUPID!!!! I bought 2 PAIRS OF GLASSES...... Instead of the ONE PAIR he wanted me to get..... I spent MORE MONEY!!!! GET IT, MORE MONEY TO GET WHAT I WANTED. So why was he fighting me so much?????? Who the fuck knows.

I think those young punks sometimes think they have to lead us "OLD LADIES" because we so old and helpless, and confused.....BOY, DID HE PICK THE WRONG OLD LADY!!!!!!!

But as a side note, I woke up this morning with NO STIFF NECK!!! For the first time in years, I didn't strain my neck and head to see the computer!!! I can sit comfortably, and see the whole computer with my reading glasses, no need to tilt my head, or use my hands to hold the glasses up! So, in retrospect, It was well worth it, the thinking of killing part, to get what I want, and give my neck and face a rest!!!!! Yipppiiieeeeeee.

Oh, and BOTH my glasses are now TINTED! I'm dysletic,(know this is spelled wrong) and Studies show that reading is easer with a light tint (brown) on your glasses. I used to have them tinted all the time, but the last few years I had clear, and really noticed a BAD difference.

Reading was harder, my eye strain was much, much more, after reading for a while and I looked up...Everything was blurred, and it took a while to get my sight clear again (I used to wear sunglasses while reading to stop this)....... So I went back to tinted. And I've already noticed that I can read much easier, and my eyes feel totally relaxed!!!! Not quite a fashion statement, but I read lots more then I go out to party's, so the tinting stays! (He didn't argue about the tinting...just the seperate glasses.....the guy was a total nerd!!!!!!)