Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I spent a couple of hours at Matt's school today, waiting for him to get out of class..... And I took pictures of rocks. Yeh, I know, weird right? But I LOVE ROCKS!!! I have a connection to them, ever since I was little. They call to me. Most of the time asking for me to take them home.

OK, you know I'm weird, why are you surprised?

They do call to me! I swear it. And I have to pick them up, and take them home. I just do. I have rocks all over the house, different sizes etc.

(Now I happend to mention the rocks to my girlfriend Barb, the only one of my friends who's NOT a witch.... and the first thing she said was "how many did you take home?" WOW does she know me!!!!)

But this time, I just wanted to take some pictures of a field of rocks at the school. I'm going to use the pictures for my desktop. Nice. I like it.

And of course I brought one home. It's a biggie, and pretty, and I like it....So there!