Saturday, November 04, 2006

To shed or not to shed...That's a question?

Oh, yawn, today I'm going to hit the shed. It's time to clean it out. I've been waiting for cooler weather, since you get so hot and sweaty pulling junk out of the shed and re-doing it. (at least that's my excuse, and I'm sticking too it...So there!)

I wouldn't even think of it, if it wasn't for the fact the glass windows for my screen doors are out there somewhere.

And with the chilly weather moving in, I have to take out the screens, and put the glass back. The shore area gets really windy in the winter, and leaving just the screens on, brings all kinds of drafts into the house!!!

I'm hoping to find the windows in the front of the shed, but who's fooling who? You know they are going to be allllllll the way in baaaack of the shed. LOL

That's ok, it does need a little re-arranging. And a good cleaning. Besides there's a few things out there that I want to dump on my daughter, so I have to go look for them. SIGH I really don't want to!!!!!!! I HATE CLEANING OUT THE SHED!!!!

Not that it's terribly messy, I try to keep it in order during the year, I like to know I have lots of storage space if I need it. And I never noticed spiders or anything out there...... The shore area doesn't have many spider I've noticed. Unlike PA!!!! Goddess the spiders are huge there!!!! I'm so glad I'm back in NJ.

Well, It's almost 9am (I wait till at least then, but I won't start working till 10am, I don't want to make noise and wake the neighbors..... I'm a good neighbor like that. I know people are sleeping in on Saturday mornings), unlike me...Who gets up at 5:30am no matter what day it is!

I get so impatient some days. My day starts early, why shouldn't others start that early too?

I hate waiting till 9 or 10 for stores to open!!!! By then I'm ready for lunch!!!! LOL But, sleeping late isn't an option. If I don't wake up by myself at the time (witch is usual) at exactly 5:30 my cat, Merlin the miserable, will start scratching at the door and wake me. Sometime I can just yell at him, and then go back to sleep, but most times I'm already up and moving.

Goddess!!!! MY WEEKENDS ARE BORING!!!! Cleaning house, doing yard work, damn, I need a life....Or at least more friends. LOL

Well I'm gonna have another cup of coffee, I'll need that extra boost to get the job done, then I'm out side, moving shit in and out of the shed, till it's nice and neat for the winter. Of course, I'm going to look for those damn Christmas decorations.... Need to move them too the front of the shed so I can reach them in the colder weather. I'll move all the Christmas lights, and outlets and extention cords to the front also, so that after thanksgiving they will be ready, and I can hang my decorations with out hunting around the shed for them!!!!

I know my Mother is taking over my brain today! CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!!! But, some days I'm pretty glad she instilled that CLEAN gene in me. She was right in thinking that everything should have it's place.

But, since most of the time my brain FORGETS where that place is..... Only a small part of her teaching has survived. GIGGLE