Thursday, November 30, 2006


Seems that the National Weather Service has predicted that we are going to have a very mild winter!!!! And considering their record on predicting the weather......BUY A SNOW PLOW, STOCK UP ON SALT BAGS, AND GET THE SNOW SHOVEL OUT OF THE SHED NOW!!!!!!

These are the people who said that this year would be one of the WORST hurricane seasons ever!!!! They even added like 4 names of hurricanes to be prepared. AND WE DIDN'T GET EVEN ONE HURRICANE!!!!! Not one!!!! Everytime they predict something, it goes the opposite way!

Mother Nature doesn't like people second guessing her!!!!! Don't they know that yet???? Well, my friends, believe the weather service if you will..... But I'm buying salt for ice this week, and I already pulled my snow shovel from the shed and put it in the closet in the house.

I'm not saying I don't wish they were being truthful, but with their record ... I'm still going to be prepared! GIGGLE