Friday, November 17, 2006

Arrrrrhhhhhhh turkey day is coming!!!!!

The holidays always catch me unprepared. I'm just getting over Halloween, and taking the decorations down, and WHAM, Thanksgiving hits me broadside. Didn't even see it coming....Well, at least I thought I had weeks and weeks before it came.

Lumping all the holidays in 3 short months, sucks! I had to go over my schedule to plan all this crap. But finally I made up my mind.

Thanksgiving: My sister Eileen
Christmas: My daughter Jamie
Easter: My house....At least for the kids.

I have to admit looking forward to Christmas, or Yule as we call it. That's always fun. All the pretty lights and tree, and of course gifts.

I found something for my Aunt Harriet, at last. I have a crystal Kitty cat that I'm sending her. I thought of it because we had been talking about her old cat...Forget the name, but she actually used to dress him up all the time. And the cat actually had his own dolly!!! So cute. So, I thought the crystal cat would be good for her.

All my shopping is done now. Though I'm sure when I go to wrap everything I'm going to find that I either bought too much, or too little. If I ever get the energy up to wrap it all, I'm sure I'll find out. Giggle