Monday, November 13, 2006


The rain started here, down the shore, Sunday afternoon about 11..... And it hasn't stopped yet!!! Constant downpour. It's sooooo soothing....

I left Jamie's early enough that all I had was light rain and drizzle and fog on the ride home. And talking about fog!!! There is something really spooky about riding down a looooong deserted highway thro the pine barrens, with fog!

For you who don't know, the Jersey Pine Barrens are ledgend! The Jersey Devil is supposed to live there. Route 70 is a long, empty highway the runs thro the barrens. Yesterday coming home from visiting Jaime and the kids, it seems I was the ONLY person on the road. It was foggy, rainy, and totally spooky!!!! I kept checking the sides of the road....... No, not for the Jersey devil (well, maybe a little..Giggle) but more for Deer. I was afraid they would cross the road in the fog and I would mush up my car on one of them.

But back to rain. Now that I live here I have no fear of the rain. But I feel sorry for all those folks living in my old house's because for them it means leaking, flooding basements, mold, mildew, sump pumps... And so on. It's so nice to live in a double wide trailer. NO BASEMENT!!!! NO FLOODING, NO MOPPING!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH Sweet relief from moisture.

So now I actually enjoy the rain!! I can sit, all cuddled up with a book, and hear the pattering of the drops, and the whoosh of the wind, and know that I don't have to worry about water. SWEET!!!!!!

But, the wind picked up sometime last night, and at 4:50 am I was woken up by the sound of someone's plastic garbage can making a trip down the road pursued by the wind. GIGGLE HOPE IT'S NOT MINE! Do I care???? Not a bit. You see, whenever it's windy out here, my yard collects about 5 garbage cans!!! Mine don't move, because I have them wedged behind the back porch.... So the wind can blow away, and mine just stay in place. WHY DON'T OTHERS DO THE SAME THING!!!! Who knows why! But my house is at the end of a long road, so everyone's can winds up in my yard!!!!

And to top it off, after the storm I'll place all the extra cans down at the road....This way I figure whoever lost theirs will see them, and come get them...But you know..... It doesn't happen!!! Most of the time they will sit there for weeks!!!! I actually kept one of them, since no one claimed it in two weeks!!!!!

But here it is, waaaaaay too early, and I'm wide awake. There's something about a garbage can slamming down the road, that wakes me up, and keeps me awake. Sounds like someone is trying to break into the house! And it's so fucking quiet where I live, that any weird sound is totally out of place!

Sometimes I wonder where all the people are???? Quiet, quiet, quiet. But, that's cool though. After the yapping, barking, asshole dog by my last house, quiet is WONDERFUL.

But it is STORMING out there. The wind is wild, the rain is pelting down hard, and I'm sitting here writing instead of sleeping...But it's all cool. Without a basement to worry about, let it rain!!!!!

And hay, I figure, concidering it's November, rain is better then snow!!!!!!! And I know that's on the way, but not today!!! GIGGLE