Thursday, November 16, 2006

Weather men are dumb?

Well, here's another "Duhhhhh" by the weatherman. Supposed to be HUGE storm tonight. Said 80 mph winds, ect. But it's just raining. Just rain, some wind, but not hard winds, and rain.

I don't know why I bother watching the weather alerts, because so far this year, they have been 0=0. They even added like 4 names for hurricanes because this was supposed to be a horrible year for them, and..... NOTHING! Hay, not complaining about the weather, just the people who report it!!!

It's like Mother Nature is having a blast fucking with them, and their ability to predict what's coming. Something that I think is great fun! LOL

But just in case they had been right, I did my storm thingie.

I filled the bath tub to the brim with water...... If the elec goes out it's drinking water, and flushing water, and cooking water.

Thank the goddess I have a gas stove, so no electricity needed for cooking or even for heat. Lighting the oven (even when the electronic ignition isn't working because the elec is out, you can still light it with a match!) and opening the door, is pretty heat efficient when it's cold or raining. I HATE cooking with gas, but love the fact that I can cook and heat if it's ever nessary. Which, so far, except for once when my heater failed, was never needed.

I also have a fireplace in my bedroom, that burns these gel things. No venting needed, and gives off pretty good heat. So I'm covered.

I have a whole drawer of candles, and more around the rooms (smell pretty) so lighting isn't a problem. I'm ready for whatever comes. Giggle Oh and since I smoke, lots of lighters.

I have a friend who got candles for emergency's, but forgot something to light them with. LOL Candles aren't any good without a lighter or matches, they found this out fast. LOL Now they keep a pack of lighters in the house, just in case.

Plus thinking of little things, like a hand worked can opener instead of an electric one, is thinking ahead. Trying to open a can to eat with a knife doesn't work too good. GIGGLE And I always keep my dry good pantry well stocked with soups, can's of tuna and chicken, and lots of pasta. Lasts forever and great to eat!