Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ugh, I'm ready

Ok, I'm ready to do the Christmas thingie. I had my son go out and bring the tree in last night. I only use artificial ones, since I can bring myself to kill a living tree for my entertainment.... That's just wrong!

I bought all new decorations this year. Lovely balls in jewel tones. Pinks, blues, purples.... Very pretty. Plus some of my old favorites, like my mermaids and such.

So He brought the box in last night, but It's still in the box....Even though I really had to fight myself to prevent myself from putting it up! GIGGLE But I didn't, and I feel very proud of that. LOL

I also brought the big tote full of Christmas decorations in. It's sitting on the kitchen table. I did wash the tree skirt, it was all wrinkled, and smelled of being in the shed, but after it was dry I put it right back in the box.

As you can tell, I'm trying to control myself!!!! BUT IT'S HARD!!!!

I'm going to Eileens for Thanksgiving dinner, and when I get home...THE TREE WILL GO UP! GIGGLE I'm going to have to hold off doing the outside, it's raining like a bitch here, and I'm not up to standing in the rain and putting lights up.

But I did connect all the outside extendsion cords like a week ago, so all I really have to do is hang, and plug in. (I had to chop down my zebra grass for the winter, so I figure, why not! And put the cords out while I was at it.)

my enthusiasm?? Well, it's still lacking, I'm forcing myself to do the tree and such....Because I know that once it's up.... I'll feel the holiday. It always happens that way. I need to see it all up, and decorated, and all of a sudden I'm humming giggle bells!!!!!