Saturday, October 14, 2006

Select Comfort

Hay you know those guys at Select comfort are the best!!!! As I mentioned before, I have one of those air beds by Select Comfort. BEST BED IN THE WORLD!!! But, my NASTY, BAD, BAD, BAD KITTY, ate thru on of the hose's, and even though I taped the holes, it's still loosing air at night..... Just on one side, or course, THE SIDE I SLEEP ON!!!

Well, I did a tricky thing, I SWITCHED HOSE'S, from one side to the other, so now it's the unused side that leaks air, and my side is the one with the good hose....But still I wanted to get it fixed, somehow. (and of course, Merlin is banned forever from my bedroom!!!!)

I thought of buying a pool patch kit, because the hose does not come out of the machine, so you can't just switch the hose for a new one. (sometimes company's are sooooooo stupid!!!! Why wouldn't they have a hose that would detach from the machine, so you could replace the hose, and not the whole frigging machine?????

Well, since it's the side I don't sleep on, I figured, I would just blow it up and cap it...... And of course, the trolls stole the caps!!!!!! They give you a set, so that you can blow up the mattress and cap it and check if it's leaking. But they are gone, gone, gone.

I called them up, explained about the BAD KITTY, so that they could send me some new caps...But they had a better idea, and are sending me a new hose, and instructions on how to "splice it" on to the part that sticks in the machine. I don't know if I'll be able to do it, but she said, just call when the part comes, and they will talk me thu it. Hummmmmm I hopes so....But in the meantime I also told them to send the caps, just in case I can't do the splice thingie. LOL

They are sending it out for free, no cost, so I can't be the only one with a BAD KITTY or BAD DOGGIE, as the case may be. GIGGLE.

Didn't matter much, I would have gladly spent a couple hundred to get a new pump, since I can't possible live with out my bed!!!!! But, a patch kit will do just as well.