Friday, March 25, 2011

Can someone PLEASE stop me????

I am totally OCD!!!! My front yard has bothered me for YEARS!!! As you can see from the picture taken last summer....(can you see the snappy black arrow????) I have the arbor, and then NOTHING!!! I didn't carry the plant bed over to the stairs..... because... well, it's the freaking GRAVEL!!!!

Just TOO MUCH gravel to remove. Till now!!! I can't stand it being off center anymore, and today I'm removing the gravel to extend the planting bed too the stairs.

I've already planted one fig tree.... smack dab in the center of the space, and I've removed most of the gravel from the rest.

Next to the stairs will be a dwarf PJM Rhododendron... pink. And the rest I'll fill in with flowers and bulbs!!!

It's going to take me YEARS to finish off this space, even with the gravel removed, but you gotta do what you gotta do! And having the planting beds off center was driving me around the bend!!!!


The Frog Queen said...

What a great project. I know how you feel....I hate those spots that just nag at you....I must do something!! Anything!! I cannot live with it this way anymore.....oh, I got carried away.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!!


Diandra said...

Go for it!

And - wow, you're surely full of energy now that the sun is returning. ^^