Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Figgie Tuesday

I have two huge fig bush's that I kept in containers the last 2 years.... but they were getting too big and need to be planted!

Today I unwrapped the burlap to check if they made it through the winter, and by scratching a branch, I found they were still alive. The winter before this one, I kept them inside, but this year I just wrapped them and left them to winter over.

Looks like it worked.

So today I put ONE of them in the ground. Why just one??? Cause it took me 3 hours to just do one!!!

My house lot is graveled, not just any gravel, but heavy white marble like gravel... and over 8 inch's of it!!!!

So I had to scoop away all the gravel, then cut the landscape fabric, then start digging (that part is easy since it's all sand here) but there were roots and shit, so it took me a while to get a good size hole.

Then I had to manhandle the plant out of the pot.....and either I'm getting old (please, no snickers here!) or that damn plant didn't want to leave it's nice pot!!!!

Managed to get it out, remove most of the dirt from around the roots, plant it, fill in the rest with soil.... then scoop up all the soil and put it back in the pot.... then wash off the rest of the dirt from the driveway!!!

Cold, fingers frozen, back aching, hands cramping... BUT I GOT IT DONE!!!!

The other damn plant can wait a week, maybe by then I'll get some feelings back in my arms!!!!


The Frog Queen said...

Love figs! Good luck with them, and wow, hope you survive the next planting! :D