Sunday, March 13, 2011

I feel like this.... the last few days!

Yepper, that's what I feel like, and probably look like too.

First, "the boy" is home for spring break. After that ride to go get him, I decided to make him his fav food... TACO'S!!!

Being the lazy butt ass I am, I figured I would buy the prepackaged shredded cheese to use on them. BOY, WAS THAT A MISTAKE!!!!

Now I can't eat the TACO part of the taco. Can't eat corn... no matter how cute they form it into shells..... but I could eat the meat.

So I made myself Taco's without the shell, and of course heaped a ton of that tasty shredded cheese on my meat! Hot, yummmmmmy!

On till a few hours later my neck /outside and inside/ started swelling!!! Popping benadrylls... and having no clue why I'm so sick.... same thing next day, except add the "runs" to the swelling!!!

I actually started "TALKING" to my wall paper in the bathroom..... I was seeing it for so long and so often...... and in between I was laying on the sofa, moaning and bitching, and feeling like shit!!

THEN... I decided to try to ferret out what was causing the allergic reaction....couldn't find a damn thing that I could have eaten that would make me sick

Until I checked out the "shredded Cheddar Cheese" package!!!!


I guess they use it to keep the cheese from sticking.... and also to try to MURDER ME!!!!!

Now, I'm slowly recovering, though I still feel like shit... and it may take a few more days for that crap to leave my system!!!

And to top it all off, I feel like an idiot for not checking the ingredients... but cheese... why would I check for ingredients in cheese????


Dark Mother said...

Uggg, that sucks, I hope you're feeling better soon.

I stopped using pre-shredded cheese because of the crap they put in it to keep it from sticking. It's a pain in the ass to shred it (really it's not, but if I don't complain everyone will wonder if I'm really typing this) but it really does taste and melt so much better.

Also, did your wallpaper have anything interesting to say back?

Diandra said...

Sorry to hear that! And WTH? Cheese, even shredded cheese, should contain nothing but cheese!

Good luck with your boy being home!

Leeanna said...

AAaahhhhhh Spring Break. The memories of getting zonked in more ways than one, but I digress. Darlin, Always play it safe and grate your own stuff. I know, cheese should be only cheese but in this day and age of everything being fake, there is nothing out there you can trust anymore.

The Traveler said...

been there done that with the bathroom wallpaper, when my husband started to worry was when I started making funny voices for the wallpaper to answer me in..
Hope you feel better!