Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nothing to do!

Still too cold and windy outside to work much.... so I did little projects in the house this weekend. Talked to my tomato plants for a while... but I don't think they were paying attention, just dozing in the sunny window. But they are doing great!

Put up some plates on the shelf behind the sofa.

Used some self sticking tiles to repair my window sill.... it had been damaged by rain and looked ratty, so I cut, peeled and sticked... looks nice and neat now............... and while I was at it........

I used the same tiles to redo the area in front of my toilet. It was white linoleum, with tiny blue flowers, and I was sick of looking at it, and cleaning it!!! So now it's a nice dark brown, that I think goes pretty good with the sandy beach colored rug.

Oh and I prevented myself from cutting all my hair off, by giving it a nice trim, and using a curling iron on it..... I had never used one before, and it was kinda fun!

That's how I passed my cold weekend, besides laundry, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, watching WAY to much TV, and of course.... eating Jelly Beans!!!


Leeanna said...

You know what jelly beans are? Bunny turds. ahahahahahhahahhahhaaasnort

Rue said...

I LOVE peel and stick "tiles" - they are so great for a quick change!

Your tomato plant is so big! You must have really good light in that window.

And the hair is fab!