Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doing the Jiggy Dance!!!

I'm pretty excited.... but let me tell you the day started out BAD!!!

I get a federal death benefit from the Post Office.... not a hell of a lot, but enough to survive.

Today I got a letter from them, that I could not understand.... the gist of the letter was because of my hubbies military service, my annuity was going to be REDUCED!!!

The reason they gave was that it was because of my being eligible for Social Security!!! WTF!!!!!


So I tried to call the post office, but the line was busy, busy, busy.... now I'm starting to panic, cause if they reduce my annuity, I CAN NOT EAT!

I would have to get rid of my phone and maybe the TV also, to have enough to eat!!!

So after trying to get through to the stupid post office, I decided to call social security, and see what they have to say.

And GUESS WHAT!!! I CAN go on social security..... WIDOWS CAN CLAIM AT 60!!!!!

I had no freaking clue!!!!!!!

Not only that, but she made an appointment for me TOMORROW, to find out how much I'm getting every month!!!

And that means I should get my first check next month.... that's like in 1 day!!!!!

It probably won't be that much, with the reduction in my annuity, but enough to make up for the reduction, and a little extra. I'm A HAPPY CAMPER!!!
UPDATE! I had my phone interview with social security, and I'm MORE then happy!!! I have enough each month to cover the deduction from my annuity, and TONS more to play with each month!!!!! Not as much as I could have gotten, since my hubby worked for 21 years with the post office, and the post office doesn't take out for social security... why? Who the F knows.... but he had worked other jobs before that, so I'm happy!!!!


Leeanna said...

Let's hope she gets you all the help you need hon. Congrats.

Diandra said...

That's great! Holding all my thumbs and toes for you!