Sunday, October 02, 2011


BAD NEIGHBORS??? There are plenty of ways to get rid of them, without resorting to calling the cops every 5 second.... that just tends to make them mad.

Try some of these things instead:

1. Hand a five rod metal wind chime between you and the neighbor's house, this will suppress their bad energy.

2. Place a round mirror in the window, facing out toward their property, to defect their negative attitude right back to them. (you can get these at your local craft shops)

3. The strongest thing to do is place something with water between you and them. Such as a fountain, or rain barrel. Place some plants and fish in it if you want... this one is so powerful that you neighbor will probably move!!!

I placed a pentagram wind chime in one window, facing them, and in the second window a moon and sun wind chime. Since I have done that I can feel the negative effects they have on me going away!!!!

Plus they have actually started cleaning up their property!!!! I'm planning on getting a rain barrel to put out in the yard between us too! But in the meantime I'm putting a jug of water in my shed that's between us, maybe this will help some!

Now I live in a home, finding ways to do this when it's an apartment can be tricky, but look around and try to figure out how to do this. If it's you next door neighbor in an apartment, hang the wind chimes and mirror on the wall that connects you... facing them. You can also put a small water fountain on a table by that wall.

If they are below you, hang them off the balcony. You can also lay the wind chime on the floor above them. It doesn't need to be hanging!!!

Now this only works if they are actually "bad" neighbors.... not just people you don't like much. LOL


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I don't have any bad neighbors. I could, however, use something for uninvited/unwanted guests....

Anonymous said...

I was reading this and thinking "I've done so many things with my idiot neighbor including some of those you have listed". Then I read your final paragraph. They are not indeed bad neighbor, but I can not stand them. They are evangelical Christians....need I say more?

Diandra said...

I've put a jar with dried chili peppers, dried lemon slices and rocks next to our apartment door, and I can tell it's unnerving the neighbors! (I felt the need to do something after finding glass shards in front of our door.) I put it next to our door, in a corner, and every time the woman cleans the stairways she will put it right in the middle of our doorway. But at least we've got our peace. ^^

Teacats said...

Love your blog! Thanks for the great ideas -- must try a few so that the neighbours behind us (across the alley) MIGHT clean up their house/property -- even a little effort would help the whole block!


Surfing Dolphin said...

My bad neighbor lives just on top of me in an apartment building :( She has 2 dogs and they barks all the time and the whole ceiling shakes. It is awful. She also constantly creates troubles. Any advice?

faolan said...

Collect some soil from another County and post a pinch through her letterbox every day while she is out. She will move away.