Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Brother Is Watching YOU!!!

Back when I was in High School, I read a book that chilled me to the bone.

It was by George Orwell... and called .....1984

"Big Brother is Watching you!!!!"

That quote from the book, was the scariest thing I ever heard.

Imagine a world where you are watched constantly!!!

When the year 1984 actually came about, I gave a sigh of relief that the book wasn't a prophecy, and big brother wasn't up there watching every move I made.....

Unfortunately..... now it HAS come true.

OnStar (that helpful thing in new cars) is now stating that It keeps all information it gets while using the device in your car. And they can track you, and keep everything you talk about, even if your NOT actively using it at the time....... recorded.... forever

People using Cell phones can be tracked.... even if the phone is off.... by most law enforcement agency's.

And people actually have their cells phone set to broadcast to Facebook and such, their exact location!!!

I'm sure you seen the message on face book..."so and so has checked into chucky cheese on benson ave. Philly" or some such garbage like that.

And regular phone service has a program on it, that recognizes key words used by people talking, such as "bomb"or "terrorist plot" etc, and automatically lets the FBI and such know about it, and who was talking it on the phone.... and this is your land line, it's even worse on a cell phone!!!

Almost every street corner, banks, stores, and more have camera's trained on everyone that pass's!!! (we've all seen cop shows where they check every camera in the area for a person or activity) DOESN'T THAT BOTHER ANYONE????

They promote it as "keeping you safe" from the "bad guys"..... but at the same time, that's how it started out in George's book...... "keeping the people safe" to controlling every little tiny thing you do or say.

I think people need to get his book...... and read it AGAIN!

Now in this age, the book is no longer scary, but really happening.

Big Brother is REALLY watching you!!!!


Judy said...

Unfortunately, young people these days don't think anything about privacy...and some older ones are so scared they want someone watching all the's going to get worse before it gets better...and no one remembers this's a scarey book...I gave a copy to someone not too long ago, but I don't think he's even read it yet...