Monday, October 17, 2011

Crazy clean posting

This morning I decided, for some strange and totally crazy reason...... that I needed to clean under my bed!!

Not only clean, but I needed to MOVE the HUGE RUG under my bed also!!!!

The rug is like 20 feet by 25 feet, and I just wanted to move it ..... sideways...... can't explain it, just had to do it.

And that meant taking my bed APART!!!!

For those who know.... I have Fibromyalga.... and 8 years ago I went out and got myself a "Select Comfort" bed. BEST DAMN THING I EVER DID..... EVER!!!!!!

The mattress was easy, unplug the air hose's and lift it up and put it in the living room. Light as a feather!!!

But the undercarriage is another thing.

There is NO BOX SPRING..... instead there is this HUGE MUTANT LEGO foundation!!!!

Plastic, and HEAVY!!!!

So I figured out how to unhook it and take it apart... took a while, but you can't move it with out taking it apart because it weighs like 7 MILLION TONS!!!! (hehheeeehhe exaggeration, by just a bit!)

Never the less, done and done, then roll up the rug, turn it around, and unroll it again...... I'm not giving you details of this because honestly it was not my finest moment.... I actually remembered curse words my father used!!!! I impressed myself!!!

Then vacuum the rug.... and I admit, I have NEVER vacuumed under my bed!!! I couldn't get anything to fit under there, so it collected dust..... mega dust.

Then put the MUTANT LEGGO foundation together again!!!!! (A) TO (B) TO (A) TO (B)... fucking NUTS!!!! (thank the goddess who ever made this bed, didn't use the whole alphabet!!!)

Then dragged the flaccid mattress back on, and connected the air hose, and blew it up. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Best bed I've ever had, you conform the mattress to how you like sleeping.

Gets rid of all the terrible pressure points you get at night.... and actually made my fibromyalga almost go away completely!!!!

I still get some flair ups after I do a lot of work or heavy lifting.... but now at night, the joints relax, and the flair ups only last a day, not a MONTH like they used to!!!!

Oh and I also sprinkled a ton of salt under my bed, especially under the head of it. Always makes for sweet dreams, and gets rid of any bad aura you've gotten during your sleep.

Now, after I rest an hour or so, I'll make the bed..... and finish vacuuming the rug.... put back the stuff I keep stored under the bed, and I'm done!!!!

Feels good to get my Fall cleaning started!!!!


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't believe the crap I found under my bed the last time I cleaned. Scary!

Sus said...

A few weeks ago, I was looking for something in a bottom drawer of my dresser.... 8 hours later my room was completely rearranged....craft table and all.

I dont know why it just does.

I will look into the Select Comfort mattress. I also have Fibro and lately I wake up almost crying in pain. I was thinking about a memory foam overlay for the mattress...

Leeanna said...

Did any of the mutant dust bunnies get away?

I cleaned behind the dresser and two of them ran off. They're terrorizing the neighborhood as I write.