Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home made Rock Candy

You will need:
Sugar (lots of sugar)
Food Coloring
Bamboo Skewers (most dollar store's have these)
Jars or Glass Cups (use all those you've been saving for something)
Clothespins (check the dollar store for these too, since clothespins are not used much)

Trim down your skewers to a reasonable size to fit in whatever jars or cups that you will be using.

You'll also want to cut off the sharp point, so the kids don't hurt themselves.

Dip them in water, then roll in sugar.

Let dry completely and set aside.

This is very important, since it give the crystals something to stick to, so it can start to crystallize

Mix equal parts of water and sugar in a pot on med-high heat until dissolved. Then continue to add sugar until you have AT LEAST a 2:1 ratio. You can also do a 3:1 ratio. In other words....LOTS OF SUGAR!

I've used 8 cups of water and 16-18 cups of sugar and it made a lot.

You can definitely half the recipe. This makes a nice, sticky, sugary syrup.

Mix until completely dissolved and mixture starts to simmer.

DO NOT bring it to a boil or bring it to a certain temperature with a candy thermometer.

Allow your syrup to cool for 10 minutes. Then ladle into your jars using a funnel to catch spills.

It is still pretty hot at this point. Add your liquid food coloring to each jar, and stir it ... have fun with the colors!

Then attach a clothespin to each skewer (the ones you dipped in sugar and let dry) and place in cup.

Make sure the skewer aren't touching the bottom or sides of jar/glass.

They need room to grow. See the picture below

Place your jars in a warm location, like a window, somewhere with lots of natural light.

AND WATCH THEM.... It takes at least 7 days for the crystals to grow

7 days later......


There will be crystallized sugar in the bottom of your jars/glasses. Just run them in hot water and chip it out with a butter knife. It comes out pretty easily.