Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cave man vs Modern man

I was at the mall with my girlfriend yesterday.... and she seem "obsessed" with finding me a "good man". I don't know why??? She's in a great marriage, has no kids, and doing fine.... why must she try to do the same for me?

But, I digress, she was nudging and poking me, every time some cute man waked past. "Is that your type, do you like him, isn't he cute?" I'm NOT in high school anymore.... CUTE.... is not what I'm looking for.

In almost every case of guys she pointed out.... they were on the phone, texting, working on a laptop....... and so on......

So, I decided to make a list of what kind a man I would fall for.


2. I won't talk to a man on a cell phone, cheaters, players, use cells.... give me a land line phone #, and you have a chance.

3. Can you start a fire, without match's?

4. Can you hunt, and actually catch something? Do you know how to fish?

5. Do you know how to cook?

6. Are you neat and clean, but not obsessive?

7. In an emergency, would you panic?

8. Do you know how to survive without technology?

9. Are you clean, fragrance clear (hate aftershave smells)

10. Are you in good shape? (weight doesn't matter, if you chubby and can still run, dance, and do stuff...good enough)

11. Can you keep my interest? (guys who do things, or tell story's.. over and over, and over are disgusting!)

12. Are you interested in me, and what I am, or are they too busy staring at my boobs?

13. Do you think all women are soft and need protection? (YUCK!!!)

14. Do you value my opinion?

15. Do you take charge.... gently... not oppressively. (like pick something to do... then ask if I'd like to do it... not leave all decisions up to me!)

16. Do you have an imagination??? (that's important.... most men are so dull they have no clue what fun is!)

17. And the most important one... do you do the beach, and water? If you don't...

I guess on the pro and con list, I lean more towards the "Cave man", then "modern man"!

What about you???? What type do you go for???


Diandra said...

"In an emergency, would you panic?" - "Would that be good or bad?"


Diandra said...

I like men who do not make the mistake to underestimate me. And they need a special sense of humor.

(I'd love to meet one who can stand up to me, but that hasn't happened yet. Oh, I still love the BF, although he is very gentle.)

Copperwood said...

OMG, do you snore? I broke up with a guy because he sounded like a freight train. I am a light sleeper and he made me exhausted. Ugh!