Thursday, November 10, 2011

UGH!! Ranting now!!!

My sister royally pissed me off yesterday...... but I pretended she didn't.... but BOY, SHE DID!!!

We were talking about Christmas.... and she said "JUST DON'T GET ME JUNK THIS YEAR!"


All I ever get from her is CRAP!!!!

Ugly, useless items..... even her taste in jewelry SUCKS!!!!

I say "ohhhhh, how pretty!!!! Thank you!!!"


But I would never let her know that..... because I'm not that type of person.... a gift is a gift, even if you hate it, I would never let the other person know.......

The only times I've gotten something nice from her, was when we were shopping, and I actually picked something out myself, and she got it for me..... JUST 2 TIMES!!!

Once was a bracelet, and the other was an owl..... but she seems to think it was a million times.

I think over the years I've gotten every gift SHE was given, and she hated, so she gave to me!!!!

I've never used the ugly jewelry she's given me, or the purse's. Oh, and don't forget the disgusting "crab lights" and I could go on and on. I did like a spoon rest she got me, it was chipped big time, but I still used it.

This year I'm just going to get her a gift certificate..... I was going to get a BIG one for her, at her fav. shoe store...... but that's not going happen.... she's gonna get a small one, at a crap store. She hates wall-mart, so I should get her one there.

Well, probably not, cause I can't be a jerk even if I want to..... I'll still get her a nice one..... oh and ahhh over the crap she gives me.... and live with it!!!!

Oh I should mention, she once gave me a cute little wooden box, with Celtic symbols on it.... THAT WAS THE ONLY ITEM I'VE EVER LIKED FROM HER!!!!! And the only one I ever kept!! Besides the two things I picked out myself that is, they rocked!

Even when I was a kid, she always got me clothing to small, or too short for me! WTF I actually remember some of the HORROR outfits she got me, and how I was forced to wear them.... even though they were disgusting, and ill fitting.... I still wore them at least once!!

And don't for a minute think she has bad taste.... SHE DOESN'T! The stuff she gets herself is fantastic, and cute, and wonderful....... so, you can see what she thinks of me, right?????


Judy said...

Have you thought of having a discussion with her and not giving gifts to each other? Perhaps having a nice coffee/tea out instead? Just spending time together rather than having to pick out a gift? My daughter's and my taste are so different that we just spend time shopping and telling each other how their choices are not right instead of trying to find just the right might try that also... good luck with the holiday...

Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm said...

Cash always works! Leave a hint!

Diandra said...

Why don't you agree not to buy any presents, and get wasted together (or have a really nice meal) instead? Spending money to piss someone off sounds like a really bad idea.

Dreamers Night said...

lol I think there better off buying horrible gifts for each other, instead of actually spending "quality" time together.

Anonymous said...

I would go with the gift card, too. It's one of those gifts that shows you thought of the person, but also that you weren't going to put a huge effort into them. I think it's fitting for your situation, considering she never puts thought into what she's getting for you.