Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ice Cream!!!

I've been making my own ice cream. I'm tired of having to read every ingredient, on every box of ice cream, and finding out later it had something I was allergic to in it.

So I found this recipe for Indian Ice Cream.... It wasn't complicated, but it did use.... milk....evaporated milk.....heavy cream.... and so on.

It was way to rich to my tummy!!

And one day I was sitting there looking at some frozen blueberry's I had, and said.... what the hell... I'm going to try something!

Out came my blender.... I put the blueberry's (still frozen) in it, a little sugar, and then just added some whole milk...... and whipped the holy shit out of it!!!

It was all fluffy, and foamy. COOL

I poured the fluffy stuff into a glass bowl, and stuck it in my freezer.

Every hour or so, I would stir up the ice cream, getting the frozen and not so frozen mixed together, and scraping the sides down (cause the sides freeze faster you know)

I found that stirring it gently allowed it to stay fluffy and foamy while freezing.... and when it was done...........YUMMMMMMMMMMM!

For those old bats out there, I can tell you it tasted like frozen "Junket Rennet Custard"!!!! OMG it's fantastic!!! You younger ladies will have no idea what Junket Rennet Custard is, I don't think they have made it in ages....but believe me it's good!

Cold and creamy, and fluffy.... and no secret ingredients to cause my allergy's to flair.

Last batch I made with "Hersey's special dark chocolate syrup" I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!


Diandra said...

I love making popsicles - recently I made acoffee variety (strong coffee, some chocolate, some sugar, some milk), and my new favorite is orange juice and vanilla yogurt. ^^

(I once made kulfi, too, but it was a helluvalutta work. Still delicious.)

Judy said...

Lehman's has a really nice ice cream maker which only takes 20 minutes...we love it and make ice cream a couple times a week with our own ingredients...

Eric Klein said...

Got this Gelato Recipe from a colleague of my wife

Per person:
1 egg yoke
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 tablespoon Marsala or Gran Marniea
100 grams cream

Mix first 3 ingredients until sugar is dissolved.

Whip cream

Mix them together and freeze in a pan.

You can add in fruit, chocolate, etc when you mix them.

Since measures are per person/portion you can scale it as you like.

Judith said...

Eric, EGGS WOULD KILL ME!!! Very, very allergic to them!!!