Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sending out to the universe.....

Just to be clear...... I DO NOT KNOW ANYONE IN NIGERIA!!! And I will not help you with your money, or your blessing!!!!

And if your going to send me a letter about a urgent matter at my bank.....MAKE SURE IT'S ACTUALLY A BANK I USE!!!

And, NO, nothing is wrong with my AOL account (I don't have one) and NO, I did not buy a 5000 dollar TV on E-Bay.

And no matter what you think.... I DO NOT WANT TO SEE NUDE PHOTO'S OF YOU!!!

And a Post Office..."fail to deliver" why would the post office send me a E-MAIL??? They do NOT have my e-mail address..... just my street address....DUUUUHHHHH!!

I will not click on your link to join you on face book, dating sites, or another thing.... I don't click links!!! If you read my blog you can join me on face book..... but some stranger who wants ME to click to join THEM is outta luck!

And tape recorded "Suzy" I don't NOT want my carpets cleaned

And tape recorded "Mary" you can't have an important message about my credit card....CAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANY CREDIT CARDS!!!!

And, NO, the FBI will not contact you by E-Mail.... if they want to talk to you they will knock on your door, not send out random E-Mails!!!

And the same goes for UPS, Federal Express, and the post office..... no one in their right mind would give out a persons e-mail address instead of a phone number.... for non existing packages that a non existing person is sending you!!!!!

Dear Spam:


Thank you!


Dreamers Night said...

wow, now that was a good rant....But honestly, let us know what is really on your mind.

Diandra said...

Wait, you mean there are no billions waiting for honest Western citizens in Nigeria? *pout*

(I once read an article on a woman who had indeed transferred more than 40K for such an "opportunity". She ended up having to sell her house. I guess that's Darwinism for you. And yes, today I am mean.)