Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pain the the......... Just name it!

It seems that almost everyone has a body part or function, that gives them fits all their lives.

My girlfriend Barb, it's her feet.... she has bone spurs, and constant problems with them

With me it's my EARS!!! 30 YEARS AGO.... yes, I said 30 years ago, I actually had surgery on my ears to insert tubes into them. The surgery was fine on one side, the other side... not so much, the tube came out within days of the surgery........ so It's my fucking PAIN IN THE ASS!!!

My ears get blocked.... ANYTHING can cause it... washing my hair, swimming, having a slight allergy attack, even sometimes just sleeping on that side will cause it..... so every month or so it's off to the doctors...... TADAAAA EAR INFECTION!!!

The doctor give me antibiotics.... but only for a few days.... I have yet to convince a doctor that I need MORE then just the regular dosage.... so after a few weeks....IT'S BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

I don't know if you've ever had a blocked ear.... BUT IT DRIVES YOU MAD! It feels like that whole side of your face is filled with super putty, you can't hear well, it feels disgusting, you can hear your heart beat in that ear, and that's freaky.... and if it pops, and drains.... yeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww that feel disgusting too!!!

The last time I went to a doctor that specializes in ears was 30 years ago.... since then I've just gone to doctors when it gets infected.... at least once a month.

WHY haven't I gone to a specialist????? I have no freaking clue.... no doctor, I've ever seen, has recommended it... so I just didn't.

But I HAVE HAD IT!!!! I'm going to a specialist as soon as I can call one in the morning!!!!!!!