Monday, July 11, 2005

Back from Shore Leave

It was really nice!!! Spent 3 days in the pool, soaking up the peace and calm...That is until the jackhammers started going off on the floor above my bed room!!!! Yep the hotel was renovation, and the jackhammers went off from 10am till 6pm. Right above my room!!!! Every day!!!!!! Yikes, but the hotel was nice, and at least gave us some of the money back in a refund, not much... But it made us feel a little better.

I tried to chill out, even though my head was pounding, and pounding. I didn't let anyone know I had such a severe headache, and you know, after a while, even I forgot about it. Sometimes it's worth it. LOL

I just needed to relax, and think thru some Major problems with money and such. I get an annuity, that pays my bills, but doesn't leave much over for food, or fun or anything else. I took a part time job, but I couldn't take the pain from standing for hours. I was in agony each day, and I had to quit. I need a nice part time :sit down: job, and I do have pretty good office manager skills, but in Sept. My son (who doesn't drive) starts collage, and so I have to be home days to drive him back and forth to school.

And how many office jobs can you get that are at night????? Let me tell you, not much. So I'm going down to check on food stamps, get a little help at least with that. I hate doing it, but I really have no choice. I'm sick of being on a pension!!!!

But aside from that, we sat around the patio, by the pool, and talked and had a good time. And of course a little shopping! :giggle: did I say LITTLE??? Nope, it was a LOT of shopping.

I bought a fabulous full length Purple velvet cape, lined in silk, with an attached hood. Oh Goddess it's was $175!!!!! That's more then I spend in 2 months on groceries!!!!!!!!! I'm going to be sick about it for years...........But it's sooooooo beautiful. I'll take it out and pet it, every once in a while. Giggle

Miss Mary also got some really nice things!!! One of them was a Fox Puppet. It's so cool, you put your hand inside and you can make it talk and wiggle. Giggle. She named it Maryland .... This way she can always remember where she got it. I had to play around with it. Giggle Teasing Miss Mary is fun, but I should behave myself. Giggle But she does it to me too.
They were all teasing me this weekend, but I enjoyed it. LOL But I just can't resist seeing her glare at me, and pout. She's got such a CUTE pout. Giggle

Ty and Steph had a wonderful relaxing weekend also, it was nice to actually hang around with Steph..... She's usually too busy during the conventions to even say more then HI!!! I'm so glad we got to hang, and see the pictures of her new house, and just plain have a good time!!!! I miss the both so much. I even got a few zings in at Ty. LOL I can tell he's not used to being teased.