Sunday, July 24, 2005


If your going to write a spell, recite it, then burn the paper afterward .................. TURN OFF YOUR SMOKE ALARMS!!!! Yepper, did a mighty good spell, and then all of a sudden ....Shrieking alarms going off!!!!! Almost stopped my heart with that one. Giggle Not a good thing to happen. Must remember to disable smoke alarms or to keep a window open.

I've decided that it's time I went a few steps further with my religion. I've been a good person, always obeyed the rules and never did anything that would be considered "bad".

But I think maybe it's time that I stopped following the rules so strictly. No, I will not stray from my Goddess, or turn into some kind of Satan worshiper. Giggle
Just not in my make up to do that. Besides, we all know that Satan does not exist.

But I think maybe it's time to do a WHOLE LOT of personal gain spells. I know we aren't supposed to do that, but with much thinking, and getting an understanding of the gods and goddess, I think those rules were written by people, not the goddess. After all, in most stories the gods and goddess were all about personal gain, grand gestures, and excess in everything!!!! Wine, women, men, song, food....They had it all and enjoyed it all.

So why are we so restricted? Probably because with the craft, comes power, and the need to express that power. And the elders saw that and put a few simple rules to control us.

Now we all know, most people need some type of rules to controls themselves. But I've been over 50 years, practicing to be "Glenda the Good Witch of the West" and let me tell you..... Even though I've built up some sweet Karma, I get screwed out of everything!!

And what do I do???? Yep, you got it, I turn my cheek, and forget and forgive. Even though the bile sometimes makes it a real hard thing to do.

What's wrong with looking out for yourself??? Nothing! What's wrong with teaching someone a life lesson (without turning them into a toad) Nothing! So many wrongs against me. And I haven't once tried to get some sort of revenge!!!!

Now all I'm going to do is change the wording of one rule. Yep, to suit me. Because I want to. So there!

1. If it harms none, do as you will

That's the rule. I'm not actually changing it, just interpreting it as something else. I will not HARM ANYONE.

No Killing or maiming or giant pumpkin knife wielding scarecrow creeping up on them at night. But I'm taking the word "Harm" as meaning killing. And I won't do that.... Promise. Cross my heart, hope to die! Besides, it's too hard to hide the body's anymore.... Not enough woods. Giggle

I no longer consider "revenge" as "harm". I no longer consider Love spells that binds a man as "harm". I no longer consider spells for personal gain as "harm" I should have enough good Karma built up from years of being "good" that I can get away with some things with out major kickbacks.

But if there be kickbacks, then so be it. Glenda is dead, and this old Crone is going to get some for herself. But it's too much work to do that........ So I'll just Giggle.

Tell me, am I wrong????? Feel free to express your opinion........ Not that it will change my mind, but still feel free. LOL


Stephanie Campbell said...

WHERE THE HECK DO YOU FIND THESE AWESOME PICS FOR YOUR BLOG!!! (yes, I'm yelling, but it's out of excitment!) They're always so beautiful!