Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Crone

The Crone is a wise and wonderful woman. She has raised her children, most likely buried one or two husbands, but she's always on hand for the younger women to come to and tell their problems too.

She's understanding, always ready to lend a ear, or a shoulder to cry on. She can give advice on how to make a killer pot roast, or how to burp a fussy baby. She knows what herbs to use, and what to use them for. She knows just about everything, because she's already gone thru it all, and survived.

She is the last stage of a woman's transformation. Maybe that's why I picked her first.... To tell you all about her. I've always felt a little sorry for her. She's always ready to help, but you never hear of people helping her. The young one's are always the ones that beg for help, expect help, and don't even really ask for it..... Just know it will be there when it's needed. When it's not needed they ignore her.

Young women come to her because they are in love, and want a spell to help them along. And the Crone looks at the young man, and helps, and at night dreams that she's the one he wants. LOL And then she laughs at herself in the morning, and goes on with her chores and spells.

I think this stage is the final test of your strenths and faith. The pain and regrets build up. She's ingnored, laughed at, forgotten. There is a point in your life, that you stop fighting the fact that the Crone is becoming you. And you turn and embrace it. You let your hair turn gray, you stop putting on makeup, you stop thinking the door bell will ring.... And that your prince will come. You stop wishing for someone to take care of YOU, and start accepting that you must take care of them.

It's the saddest, and most wonderful part of the cycle. For soon you know you'll be reborn into the Goddess part of the cycle, and be stupid, and vain, and not know what you have till it's lost. LOL Next time we will talk about the goddess cycle, then the earth mother.


Jamie said...

Good thing that isnt one of the most depressing thoughts to have read first thing in the morning :)