Monday, July 04, 2005

A Special Gift for someone

I thought I would share this gift idea with everyone.

I've done it a few times for special gifts, like a new baby or someone that's very ill. It's called a Crystal Garden.
You find a nice bowl. Maybe a fish bowl, something with high sides and an opening on the top big enough to put your hands thru. I've used a regular fish bowl many times, and sometimes I'll use watered down acrylic paint to wash transparent colors inside the walls of the bowl. Sometimes I just leave it clear.
When you find the bowl you like, Fill the bottom with gravel, or maybe some pretty glass marbles, on top of that add some nice dirt... don't use potting soil.... Use real dirt from your garden.
Then the fun starts. Add some cute little plants, pretty rocks and stones, and place crystal points all around. Make a design, or try to make it look like a natural setting. Let your imagination take over, make a clearing in the glenn for the fairies to dance in! You can also go to the pet store, and get some cute items that you would use in a real aquarium. Like a treasure chest, or a castle. and just have fun with it. Make it look like something in a dream, peaceful and serene. When you finished, mist the plants, and give the bowl and a mister to the person you made it for. it will last for years, and you'll have happy crystals and a happy recipiant