Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sometime I wake up and wonder.....Is this the move that will stick? Has my wanderlust been sated? Then I step outside my front door, raise my camera to the sky's......... And this is what awaits me. How could anyone be happier any where else?

In the winter, the salt air burns as you inhale, but feels good deep within your lungs.
The summer brings sunsets that match any painting, and the smell of salt, sea, fish, and life into your lungs.

The only thing I could ask for is to be even closer to the sea, but where I am, I'm happy. When I die, I wish my ashes to be put into the waves and washed out to sea. For deep with in every one of us, born to the sign of the fish..... Is a Mermaid, or Merman curled up in a little ball.... And smiling in their sleep.

Someday the sea will reclaim us, and till then, happiness is the smell of salt, sun, waves, and the smell of the bay....Ripe with fish and seaweed.

I look outside at sunset, to this glorious, rich sunset. And I know deep inside, that my matra, "The Goddess will Provide" is the right one. For though the road was long, very sad, and rough in patches, but in the end, she has lead me to the sea once again. And for this, out of all the good she has done me, I am most grateful for.


I wish my love could stand beside me
on the warm and salty sand,
and breath the oceans air with me
in life, and living on this land.
The ocean waves will call me
the life within the sea
And soon my love with join me
in the swim towards eternity


Mary said...

miss judi that was a wonderful poem and the pic was stunning!!!!!



PS: you better have sated your wonderf lust women giggles