Sunday, July 31, 2005

Getting up early

You know, being an early bird sucks big time!!!!! I get up at 5:30 - 6:00 am every morning. I have my coffee, then I clean. Yep clean!!! What else is there to do that early in the morning?????

This morning I tackled the refrigerator!!! Ohhhhhhh YUCK!!!! When's the last time I cleaned that thing???? I have no memory of doing it in the last year (but then again my memory is getting worse as I age, so who knows) But, needless to say, it was super UCKEY!!!!

Took me a good hour to clean it out, wipe it down, and then put it all back together again. Now it's pretty! GIGGLE Smells nice, looks nice, and no little dried mystery items in the corner. LOL

But it funny how when you clean a Frige, all the food is gone!!!!! It was crowded with stuff when I started, Now it's empty! I didn't chuck that much out, so where did it go??? Hummmmm

Getting up early makes me do other things too. Sometimes I find myself cleaning windows at 6 am, sometimes I'm outside weeding the gardern, sometimes I'm cleaning out the cushions on the sofa!!!!! It's bad, bad, bad. And no one is awake to stop me!!!!!

I vote that all stores should start opening at 5am!!!!!! If I'm Up, everyone should be up!!!!!!!!!


Mary said...

ok women repeat after me slowwwly now

remove your mother from your head
remove your mother from your head
remove your mother from your head

thats it good girl giggles

and the trolls have eaten the food as you removed it to clean the fridge...