Thursday, June 22, 2006

I DID IT!!!!!!!!


First you have to know that Artichokes don't grow here in NJ. They are a California crop, sometimes, but most of the time they come from warm country's over seas.

I bought some seeds this winter, and planted them.... In the house.... Almost 3 months early. I fed them, and talked to them, and replanted them in bigger and bigger pots. And when it was really warm outside, I repoted the plants and put them out side.

All the time wondering, just where do the artichokes form???? On the stems? Like brussle sprouts? Hummmm Have no idea at all!!!! Well, now I do!!!!! They form like flower buds!!!!!

For those of you who don't garden, your thinking "what a nut case!".... Excited about artichokes.

But for you who do garden, you know it's almost impossible to grow plants not in your zone.... And from seeds!!!! Almost never.

So I'm PROUD of myself. LOL