Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Teddy Bears, NOT for children any more!!!!

My sister collects these Teddy's. Of course they are total adult teddys, I cant even imaging the trauma they would cause on a poor child. But they are sooooo cute!! They are called TEDDY SCARES!!!!! Each one is unique, and has a history all it's own. Like the one above, here's his story:

Redmond Gore 12" Plush
It's a mystery where Redmond came from, but his purpose is clear. He's a ruthless hunter, each night out to find another victim. A burlap sack covers his face so he can't be stared at. Very rarely will words escape from his hood, except a mumbled riddle or a wicked laugh. He has no identity just his axe.


They aren't expensive, but if your like some other people and have a uncontrollable fear of dolls..... This teddy isn't for you.

I, on the other hand, find him delightful, and feel he would protect me from the bogeyman..... as long as I keep him happy and fed


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