Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why the interest in crows?

Why all the interest.

Well, you see, both me and my next door neighbor keep our garbage cans outside the back door, on the side of the house. It makes it easy. You go out on the pouch, lean over the railing and drop your garbage into the can. Very easy and neat.

That is, if your me. Now for some reason she doesn't use black garbage bags like I do, but prefers to put her garbage in tiny shop rite shopping bags..... And she finds it way to hard to lean over the railing, and just chucks her garbage on the back porch. Then when she has enough bags there........ Then she puts them in the can. Why??? Who the fuck knows.

But since my computer is in front of the window facing her back porch, I get an exciting view of scavengers ripping her garbage to shred's and eating it.

This is including a very, very large crow. Get the picture?

Also an assortment of birds, cats, and even an occasional groundhog, know that her pouch is a smorgensborg of food. I also see what she eats. And I can tell you now, she is not a cook, mostly fast food hamburgers. LOL

So, each morning I sit typing on my computer while Merlin, my cat, sits on the desk looking out the window making strange ack ack ack noises at the crow..... And the crow looks at Merlin and gives him the very evil eye. LOL

Now, Merlin's cool with wildlife, as long as it doesn't come into our yard. He will watch, and enjoy and make noises..... heaven forbid that they come on our patio, or back stairs. Then he will ram himself into the glass door to try to get at them...... Giving him a headache, and me more glass to use windex on to get rid of cat noise prints. LOL

Now, I could complain to the park manager about her.... But then what would I have to entertain me while I'm on the computer????? It's better then re-runs on the TV!
I used to go out in my yard, and pick up any bags and shit that the animals scattered from her garbage and put it in my garbage. Now I just return the stuff to hers. I really don't care if she's a pig....But, please, not in my yard!