Thursday, August 24, 2006

Garden Idea!

Ohhhh, I have an idea for next year. I'm thinking that I should get two large half wine cask planters, and a metal arch (the cheap ones from rag shop) and space the casks in the front of my patio, so that they frame the end of the patio facing the driveway. And put them so that I can have one end of the arch in one barrow and the other side in the second barrow. This way I've created an arch leading to my patio. Hummmmmm

I already have two of them, but I have blueberry's in them, and I don't want to use them for something else too. You don't want to put too many permanent plants in one cask.

Then, besides putting regular flowers in them, I can get a climbing vine, like clamentis, or honey suckle to climb over the arch. Seems like a good idea to me!!!!

Then I can block off the rest of the entrance with smaller planters with plants in it.... So that the only way to enter my patio from the front of the house is thru the arch.

Cool, now all I have to do is think of something to block the sides of the patio, so I don't have to sit and watch my neighbor's back door all day while on the computer. LOL