Sunday, August 06, 2006


Ahhhh summer is almost over, it sort of makes me sad, but I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to worry about it. LOL Next week my daughter Jamie, Mark and the grandkids are coming for a few days!!!!!

I'm really looking foward to it Beach, boardwalk, crabbing!!!!! Yippie! It's going to be fun, I know.

Then I have to head up to south brunswick and spend some time with Barb. We have both had such a busy summer, I haven't had time to get up there much. I'm looking foward to trying out her new heater for the pool. She says it keeps the water nice and warm, and this means she can keep the pool open until at least the end of Sept. Nice!

Then school starts again, and of course I have to drive my son up and back each day. I don't really mind, but it takes up the whole day! This year he has school 5 days a week, guess that's better then before when it was 6 days a week, but not by much. But I'm realy proud to say he still is on the Deans List. Strieght A's across the board. Who would have thunk. LOL And besides his physics major courses, this semester he's taking Chinese!!!!

You have to excuse any spelling mistakes. My monitor blew last week, and I haven't gotten a new one yet, so I'm typing on Matt's laptop, and for some reason it's blocking spell check, but, again, I'll cope.

The sale of the house is done, closing is this coming week, and then I'll be RICH!!!! Well, not really rich, but with tons, and tons of money!!!! I'm looking foward to that, I want to get some new furnature, and of course a new monitor for the computer... and I'm thinking of going on a nice trip to England. Maybe over the christmas holidays. I'm giving the kids some of the money, I know Mom would have wanted that, and I'm going to do it for her. The kids are happy, and have lots of things they can do with the money, so it'll be well worth it.