Sunday, August 20, 2006

When I went to Barb's for a few days, she spotted these wonderful planters at a local store!!!! She just seems to have a gift for finding things!!!!

They are cement, and have a finish that makes them look century's old!!!! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! Right now I filled them with some old scraggly chrysanthemums that were in the pots with the vegetables, but in the fall I'll fill them with fresh potted Mums, and in the spring I'll put in something very colorful.

I had the Chrysanthemums in with the tomatoes and other planter vegies. They keep all the bugs at bay. Not one aphid or anything!!!! But they don't scare away the bees that you need to set the fruit. I pick the dried ones and use them for pest control in the house during the whole year.

When I went to cut down the tomato plants I ran into a real problem. The stems and trunk of the plants were so HUGE, that I had to use a saw to cut them down. WOW I think next year I'm going to go easy on the fertilizer. LOL The tomatoes were too huge and thick. But, I guess considering the sea wind, it was probably a good thing, as it was I had to tie the tomato trellis to a heavy outside chair, because the breezes were pulling them down.

I had to get rid of the Trellis that arched around the buddah in the front yard. I bought it at the rag shop for like $10 bucks, and 3 years later it was falling to peices. In the spring I'll buy a good one, or a wood one, I haven't decided yet what one to get. It looks bare out there, so something has to replace it.