Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ugly, Ugly Kitchen

This is the problem. I HATE MY KITCHEN!!!! The oak, oak and more oak, is aggravating to me. I want to redo it....But what to do???? As with most kitchens, at least the cheap ones, the doors are solid wood, but the cabinets themselves are pressed board, with a finish. So I can't just strip the wood, and re-stain it. On the doors yes, but the cabinets... No, stain just won't take. So I have options:

1. Paint everything in a nice high gloss white....... Not bad, since the walls are paneling with tulips on them, and the white would look good, and make the room seem larger.

2. I can paint the cabinets a color, maybe white, maybe sage green, and then refininh the doors in a cherry or a darker wood tone.

3. I can paint all of it, but in contrasting, or colors that set off each other. Like the cabinets in white, and the doors in sage green.

Some added ideas, I can cut out the center of the cabinet doors and add such things as Rattan, glass, decorated Plexiglas panels or even something as simple as chicken wire that has been painted.

And of course I can add new handles to everything. And they do have some pretty ones at the store, expensive, but pretty.... Like sea shells, or star fish, or just fish. Hummmmmmmm.

The floors I re-did last year, in a tile that looks like mossy slate, I do love it.
And then again, is the counter top... What to do with that!!!!???!!!! Should I get one made up at home depot or lowes, should I tile it, regular tiles or marble tiles..... I haven't a clue!!!!!

But, I do want to get a new stove. This one is white AND black........ I prefer a whole black one, and it's also gas, and I like electric, not gas. So, I could just get a nice black gas one, or a black electric with a smooth top, or whatever!!!!! I'M NOT GOOD AT MAKING DECISIONS!!!!

I do know that I want to replace the sink. I have a stainless steel one, whitch is cool, but it divided into two sinks... I hate that!!!! I just want one huge sink, no divisions. So that's that.

Or maybe not.... Damn!!!! The fridge is almond!!!!!!! That won't do at all!!!!! No I need to get a black refrigerator, or a stainless steel one. Oh shit shit shit.... What am I getting myself into for a freaking kitchen that I barely use.

Oh, Oh, and better add the box freezer I bought. It's WHITE!!! Now, I wonder if you can paint it????? If I painted it black, it would fit right in. Hummmmmmmmm

Seems I have a ton of work to keep me busy this winter. LOL

Oh, and that overhanging cabinet I want it GONE!!!!


Dreamers Night said...

okie dokie cowboy bob! just reading that i felt anxiety for being way over your head! here is a better idea..just remove everything from your kitchen, except the floor and the light..and buy those stacking boxes for cabinets..they come in pretty colors..and well wont cost you $10,000 to do the whole kitchen..geesh~ But i like the two tone cabinet idea..